Dolly – Day 7

Dolly is excelling herself in the changes she is making. Historically she can easily turn to stress and get worried.  She will get anxious with a lot of displaced behaviour in her mouth – even holding onto and biting her tongue. So my emphasis is not only to develop her physically but really help her with her emotions, mind and spirit.  We have had some fantastic break throughs over last week with the displaced behaviour becoming less and less each day.  She had no ST training (apart from the stand-still exercises) before she came but she is really taking this in her stride now I have her out of her shoulders and control of the Center of Mass.  She had the weekend off to soak – and it was great timing for that because she had just nailed the haunches in on the left rein and a few steps coming on the right.

Dolly having our first Liberty session today – walk with me, halt and back up. What a good girl she is!


We had a session this morning and she showed me just how much she had soaked on and gave me some really nice haunches in on the left and some reasonable on the right.  Then this evening we had another little session – developing it a little further – another 2mm.  Her whole energy has changed and she is so willing now.  So, we took a little look at the Liberty module.  She stuck to me like glue – walk, halt, back up – so pleased with her.  And then – just for fun – we tried the haunches in.  She blew me away with her try.  What a fabulous little mare she is and as her desire to please the human expands I can see that she will really reach high places.  So rewarding to help her on her journey to better emotions.

Hard to believe that she only made a start on the haunches in 4 sessions ago! And this is our first time at Liberty! What a gorgeous, open hearted girl she is.



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