Don’t forget……to CELEBRATE!

The pathway to Mastery is a long – and windy road – otherwise it wouldn’t be Mastery. It takes time, it takes commitment, it takes falling down and getting up again – it is never easy and sometimes down-right hard!


Many fall by the wayside – they never expected it to be THIS hard – they never expected to stay on a plateau for so long, they never expected that sometimes you have to go backwards to move forward.  They find another rabbit to chase, a promise of an easier, faster route. But the determined just KEEP GOING!

HOWEVER – to keep that momentum there is a simple but extremely effective strategy.  Set your big goals, give it a time-line, make your plans to get there but then DON’T FORGET…….to CELEBRATE the small  (and large!) successes along the way!  This is what will keep you going, keep you motivated, help you see the sign-posts along the way that count down the miles travelled.  Encouraging you to move to the next stage.  When we are on such a big journey it is easy to forget just how far we have already travelled.


My husband does long distance walking – and sometimes over really inhospitable terrain – he jokes what keeps him going is the thought of the beer at the end of the day and how good that beer tastes because he has had to work so hard for it!  Setting up a milestone with some small ‘reward’ – a way of marking your achievement.
So if you pass a Touchstone, CELEBRATE that passage of your journey.  If you have just had your first step of Groundwork haunches-in – CELEBRATE that massive achievement, because it is a massive achievement – think about it.  You have communicated to your horse something VAST, my goodness how on earth do they work it out!? When you CELEBRATE your horse will feel that good-will, that pride in them – and they will try even harder.

I am no different from anyone else – I have days where it seems like I’ve been stuck on a plateau for an eternity – the bigger picture is so huge……is it really possible?  And then the little doubts might come in – will I ever be good enough? Is it even possible with an arthritic Arab with only one good leg!!? Is there enough time left in my life-time? And when I feel these thoughts I realise that I haven’t celebrated an achievement recently and that is why I am feeling like this.  So I set a small goal – enough of a challenge but not so big that it will take so long to get there.  I set my sights firmly on that goal and like my husband on his long walk challenge I think only of the small destination and not the huge task in front of me. Then when I get there I don’t just shrug it off as a step in the right direction – no I go celebrate.  Now it doesn’t mean I go out and heavily party either!!!   But I have something that is a treat – something that I value.  Depending on how big the milestone the reward is scaled to it.

So I suggest you set some mini-goals along the way – and if you are feeling a little despondent or feeling like you aren’t getting there fast enough do be sure to do this.  And remember – it is your journey, it is not a race, sometimes you will go faster, sometimes you will go slower ……. but the prize lies with those who just KEEP GOING!!


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