End of a busy week

Well there has been a lot of things happening at The Balanced Horse this past week.  First of all lets have an update on the Beautiful Beau.
You may remember he was at the start of his journey to straightness and he has been with me a total of 3 weeks.  His progress has been super-charged – and he was ready to go home to his lovely owner.  Amanda had her hand-over lesson with him on Thursday – we had to duck a few heavy showers – but they both did fantastically well.  For the first time EVER Amanda had the magic feeling how the haunches in comes together on the ground.  How the pull of the human’s core muscles connects with the horse’s hind legs and is able to place those feet where you want them – add a little twinkle at the girth area to encourage the correct bend – then MAGIC!  The beautiful haunches in arises…..

Amanda’s first ever feel at haunches in from the ground – bringing out the full beauty and balance in Beau. What a great combination they are!

We have also had visiting horse – Jess staying here.  Jess is a young horse – un-started under saddle.  Her owner has been doing some training towards straightness with her but had got a little stuck in getting understanding of the haunches in.  Also Jess had become a little bit ‘feisty’ as she moved into adolescence!  So I have been working on her becoming more emotionally balanced – as well as becoming straighter and stronger in her body.  First I had to take care to keep her out of her right shoulder – she was certainly more feisty when her centre of mass moved there!!   Once I had a better LFS (Lateral bending, Forward down and Stepping under) on the circle and able to take it to the straight line with NO PUSH – I was able to work on her understanding one step at a time for the haunches in.  She is now able to do haunches in for a whole side on both reins – and we are just starting to look at her understanding to stay in that position without the fence as support.  Very happy how she is going – and her owner will be here next week for an Experience week to continue with her education.  Very much looking forward to that.

Better balance coming in the LFS
Haunches in on the right rein
Haunches in on the left rein

We have also had two students here for two days of Indulgence!  They have been having lessons with my school horses each day – watching all the comings and goings at The Balanced Horse – questions and answers, theory information, looking at what are the best ways to bring out the best in every horse – understanding the horses’ needs.  It was a full on two days – looking at Groundwork, Lunging, Work in hand and Liberty. One student travelled here all the way from Australia – pure dedication!

Indulgence student,, Karen, having great fun with school horse, Buddy as they play with  haunches in at the trot!
Indulgence student Debra – all the way from Australia – learning how to have a conversation with Tessa. The question, “Can you put your left front foot on the bucket please?”. The answer – “YES!”.

And then to finish off the week we have a birthday to celebrate – Freydis – who is staying with us and who has been doing some very nice work both in Groundwork and Riding.  She has a day off today as she celebrates her birthday!

Happy birthday Freydis xxx

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