Fast track – with an Experience Week Plus!

A new offering this year has been the very successful fast tracking through full immersion with the Experience Week and Experience Week Plus.
No matter where you are on your journey it has enabled the students to really fast track on their learning.  Spending time with me from Monday to Friday with your own horse – having a lesson a day plus time to work in ‘your laboratory’.  Watching me teach other students, or train my own horses, or train horses that are staying with me – all adds to the learning.  On top of that theory and even simulations and what a package you have!  Those opting for the Experience Plus also have a lesson with one of my school horses – this great opportunity allows you to feel the movements, the real essence of it all.
If you are unable to bring your own horse we even have the option of hiring a lease horse who is well-versed in Straightness Training, thus enabling students who are unable to travel their horses to take advantage of the immersion week!

Better than my words are some of the photos that show the transformations that have taken place…..


The feedback from students who have been on these immersion courses has been fantastic – with the changes not only happening during their time here, but continuing when they return home.

Here is just some of the feedback we have received;

“I cant recommend the Experience Plus enough – it will change you and your horses lives for the better and truly set you both up for success. It is a golden opportunity to be totally immersed in your horsemanship, be totally in the moment and not have any of the usual day to day distractions – it is relaxing and yet STimulating for both horse and human – I look forward to more of you sharing your discoveries and I hope to be back with Elaine with my boyos for a top up before the year is out:-)”. Denise – Abergavenny

“I feel like I have moved forward 6 months in 5 days!  Definitely will book in for next year! ”   Liz, Devizes

“Thank you so much Elaine – I do not know how you work your magic – I do not need to – but it is magic and we felt it!!” – Nicola, North Wales 

“My mind is buzzing after a wonderful week with Elaine Coxon ST Instructor. Her patience understanding encouragement and inspiration for both my little mare and myself has left a bond which will remain with me for ever.” – Tessa, Oxford

“I’ve been sitting in the sun with my horse wondering how I could summarise a magical week in paradise with Elaine Coxon, her horses, her team and her family. Their kindness, good will, knowledge, skill and willingness to share are amazing and I thank all of them for carrying me along on the crest of a wave of learning and positive energy.” – Kath, Derbyshire

“On our return home, we have practised our Straightness Training in lounging and ridden using the instruction and help that Elaine had given us and our LFS is becoming better and better every day… and yes, I’m still in love with lungeing too! This is a massive advancement for us, and in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have seen 3 days making such a difference, but it did. I truly cannot recommend the 3-day experience with Elaine and total immersion highly enough… and I’ve already booked myself on another one!”  – Zaria, Warminster .   (Yes we do 3 day immersions too!!!).

So if YOU would like to immerse yourself for 3 or 5 days – there are a few new dates that are just being released NOW!

If you are interested and any of the dates work for you – then please get in touch with me.

25th-29th June – 5 days Experience/Experience Plus – ONE PLACE AVAILABLE
17th-19th July – 3 days Experience/Experience Plus – ONE PLACE AVAILABLE
13th-17th August – 5 days Experience/Experience Plus- ONE PLACE AVAILABLE
15th-19th October – 5 days Experience/Experience Plus
22nd-26th October – 5 days Experience/Experience Plus









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