Horsemanship Challenge – 1

Just for fun I am starting up a regular challenge.

Im inviting you to put up a short video of you and your horse taking part in the challenge.  The first one is a simple thing – picking up your horse’s feet – but to add a little challenge to the basic exercise I invite you to remain seated on a chair.

Perhaps this will be easy – perhaps it will not.  It doesn’t matter its about knowing your starting point and getting it better.  So if this seems like a difficult challenge, see how you can break it down to become easier so that you will be able to reach the end goal.   And if this seems like an easy task – then challenge yourself and your horse to make it more demanding.  You could……., no I’m not going to give you ideas, use your imagination and see how you can develop the challenge!

So get your camera out, film your version of my challenge – make it as easy or as difficult as you can.  And remember the challenge is not there to see who is better or who is worse – its to get you to take another step forward with the relationship with your horse.  Test it….challenge it…. enjoy it!
Once you have filmed a video go to my Facebook page and check out the pinned post where you will see the video challenge – add your film to the comments.

To give you an idea of the basic challenge here I am demonstrating with Mido – and in the next few weeks I will challenge myself to come up with a more advanced version of this challenge.   I hope you will join me.  Keep it FUN, keep it PROGRESSIVE.

3 thoughts on “Horsemanship Challenge – 1”

  1. What fun next time I am down will try it with Little One. That is one thing I can have a go at. Thank you what an inspiration x

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