Horsemanship Challenge 2

I hope you are enjoying the start of the Horsemanship Challenge series.  The first challenge brought in some lovely videos – and some great ways people became more provocative with the basic challenge – and found ways to improve on what they already had.
For this second challenge, I would like you to be able to throw a rope over your horse’s back or/and over their head.  Again, for some of you it might be a difficult thing to do and for others it will be easy!   It doesn’t matter, it shows you where you and your horse are and encourages you to think outside of the box for progression.

If the task is hard, break it down to the small pieces so you can work towards your horse being OK with this.  A golden rule I have is if I can’t throw a line over my horse’s back then for sure I am not going to throw my leg over!!
Or perhaps your horse is OK with it – but your rope handling skills are not so great!  Then practise without your horse to get a nice rhythm to the movement.
If the task is easy – then get on your imagination hat and come up with variants that might be more of a challenge.

To show you the basic challenge here is a demonstration with Mido.

And I will challenge myself over the coming weeks to have something more provocative.

This new challenge will go onto my pinned post on my Facebook page – so please put your videos up on that post – because for every video you send in your name goes into a draw at the end of the challenge series and the lucky winner will have a FREE LESSON/ON LINE COACHING session with me – PLUS if you are stuck I will give you some help, or ideas on how you might up the challenge.
Get out your camera – and have FUN!

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