Horsemanship Challenge 3!

I hope you are enjoying the Horsemanship Challenges.  These are a series of simple challenges to check with your own horse – video the attempts and put them up on my Facebook page.

So far we have looked at two challenges that have been non-ridden – picking up horse’s feet whilst sitting in a chair, and throwing a rope over your horse’s back.  This third challenge is a ridden one – opening and closing a gate. If your gates are not very smooth to open then use some imagination and set up a mock gate.  You could use two jump stands with a rope across.  As you will see from my demonstration video I just used two stands with a piece of baler twine!

If your horse is not being ridden at the moment – then use your imagination and put in a video where you show the elements that will be required from the ground to help set up for the puzzle. You don’t need to use a zoom, just have you and the gate in frame so there really are no excuses because you can just run the camera without an operator.  If the challenge is easy – see how you can challenge yourself to make it more difficult – and if the challenge is hard, then see how you can break it down into bite size chunks to make it more easy.  Easy or hard, I guarantee you will be able to find something from this challenge to help you and your horse have an even better understanding of each other and see what strengths and what weaknesses you have in your communication.

Here is a link to show a demonstration of the task

This new challenge will go onto my pinned post on my Facebook page – so please put your videos up on that post – because for every video you send in your name goes into a draw at the end of the challenge series and the lucky winner will have a FREE LESSON/ON LINE COACHING session with me – PLUS if you are stuck I will give you some help, or ideas on how you might up the challenge.  And because I am enjoying seeing how you use your imagination to either challenge the idea or make it easier for your own horse then I will be giving away a FREE ‘THE BALANCED HORSE’ POLO-SHIRT at the end of the series to the student who has inspired me with their imagination.
Get out your camera – and have FUN!

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