It’s the little things – part 2

I hope you enjoyed reading about ‘It’s the little things’ where I gave 3 suggestions of small changes we could make in our habits that can create big changes in our relationship with our horses.
You may remember the three points were

  1. Have permission to touch your horse
  2. Have permission to enter their personal space
  3. Return your horse to their herd

You can read about these three points in more detail by checking out the blog that you can find here

Today I have 2 more little things that might make a big difference.

  1.  How do you put the halter on?  Is your horse part of the procedure, or is it just a task to get done?  Do you ‘flip’ the loose end of the halter over their head and catch it, or do you politely position it in a smooth way? Do you invite your horse to put his nose into the nosepiece, or does he look the other way whilst you struggle to get the halter on?  Become aware of your habits and strive to make every interaction as polite and considerate as you can.
  2.  Being polite when girthing up.  How polite can you be? Do you grab at the girth so the first thing the horse feels on his belly is the girth, or do you politely run the back of your hand under his belly first?  Do you pull on the girth straps – or do you consider giving the horse a hug so that as you put upwards pressure on the girth straps you put a downwards pressure at the break of the wither. Check out this very short you tube clip to show how I like to girth my horses.

I hope you have a think about how you go about these tasks and consider is there a way you might improve what you are doing and how you are doing it.   All these little things add up to be great big things…..and by taking care of the little things we don’t have to address the big things because they are already taken care of.  Good horsemanship is really just a series of good habits – have fun finding ways to have better habits.

There are many more good habits around the little things we could be come aware of – and if you have something in particular you would like addressed please let me know.


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