On Line Coaching

There is nothing like getting hands-on help from an experienced instructor – but it is not always possible to get to see an instructor live with your horse.  With a desire to help as many horses as possible to live a more balanced life then the next best thing to seeing an instructor is to have some on line coaching.  How wonderful it is that in this age of technology it is possible to live in another county, or even another country and still have support from an instructor.

Many students expressed an interest in having this very service – so here it is!!

How does it work?

1.   First of all video yourself showing me the puzzles you would like help with.  The video is to be no more than 10 mins in duration and filmed from a tripod and using a zoom so that I can see as much of you and your horse in the frame as possible.

2.    Upload your video on Youtube – make sure it is not on a Private setting but either Public or Unlisted.  

3.   Send me your request by email (address is at the bottom of the page – with the Youtube link and with any other information you might want to send me. Also the name and age of your horse.  If you have a preference for  time of day/week day then please let me know so I can try and schedule you the best I can.

4.   Once I have all the information I will check that the Youtube link is of a sufficient quality. Then I will contact you by email so we can arrange a mutually convenient time. Also inform me whether you would prefer to pay by Pay Pal or by Bank Transfer.

5.   Once we have set a date and time I will send you an invitation to join me in a video call. This will come into your email box – the email will give you the scheduled date and time.  All times are based on the UK clock!  

6.   At the allotted scheduled time use the link from the email to join the live video call.  When you join the meeting be sure to click un-mute on the tab with a microphone so that I can hear you too! 

7.   The call will last approximately 30 mins.  It is completely interactive.  I will have watched your video beforehand, made notes and will coach you through the main points to help you improve. We will use your video, possible power-point presentations and you will be able to see me on camera if there is something I need to explain by showing you a simulation!  Each coaching session is completely individual and tailor made to your unique circumstance. 

8.    After the coaching I will send you a pay pal request for payment – or you can pay by Bank Transfer.  The cost is £45. You will also receive a brief summary of the main points and any possible suggestions for further reading if relevant. 

And that’s about it!!!! 

Looking forward to seeing you for On line Coaching. 

Send details to my email address at elainecoxen@btinternet.com – that is coxEn!




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