Pole Dancing!

Starting off in the walk just getting the idea of riding a circle around this 12 foot pole!
Keeping the circle with the pole now on my shoulder – love how Mido is really thinking to the inside of the circle and involved with the task.

Inspired by a trip to Jerez – I decided to make a curtain rail into a garrocha pole and have a go at Pole Dancing!!!   For both of our first attempt I was so pleased with Mido.  His foundation is really solid and he tries his utmost for me – always giving me his best Aikido.  I could not be more pleased with him.  On top of that he now really has some balance not only in his mind but in his body.  I decided to try it out first of all with only a rope halter – so that if I messed up then it wouldn’t be so bad.  Mido was so cool with it all though.  We are already able to use two carrot sticks with two strings and use as skipping ropes so I knew he was pretty cool with things over his head and going underneath them.  Just a little check out on the ground to be sure though.  Then we played with riding a circle at a walk.  Evidently in garrocha the pole always stays in the right hand – so I had some figuring out to do!  Im sure there is much about this that isn’t right because I have never had a garrocha lesson – but we had a lot of fun playing with it and just trying it out.  Mido seemed to really enjoy it too.

My beautiful boy giving me his very best Aikido
Making a traversal change of direction under the pole – I need to improve my style!! – but Mido was brilliant!

Once we had a few circles then worked out how to change the rein – again Mido filled in the holes for me!   Next we played with haunches in on the circle around the pole – and then changing direction through the traversal movement.  To finish up we even had a go at canter!   A lot to improve on…..but really enjoyed what we did and so pleased with my beautiful boy.

A lot to work out when taking it up to the canter…..but for our first attempt we managed to keep the pole in the middle of the circle – so thats a bonus!!!

I’ll keep you updated how we go in out figuring out in our laboratory as we put our Straightness Training to purpose.

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