I have held many ST workshops over the past year – in many different countries – England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand – and it has been my absolute delight to help horses and students on their journey to Straightness!

Now I asked people to post on Facebook some of their insights at the end of the Workshop – and promised a GIFT to the most insightful.
Here are a few of the thoughts that people shared – and I think it is a cool thing to revisit some of these thoughts as we come to the end of the year.  So here is a selection from the many:

“My insight is understanding that the slightest change in the humans position can have a major impact on the horses way of going. Must practice keeping that belly button facing forward” – Michelle, Cardiff

“Mine was not to ‘throw’ away what you have gained from an exercise when asking for the stretch in LFS on the short side. In my last touchstone I had allowed my girl to lose everything we had gained any that has really stuck in my mind from watching today” – Elaine, Cardiff 

“My insight If I want my girl to lift her head up, strut her stuff and look elegant I must do the same! Thanks Elaine”. – Jane, Cardiff 

“Thank you so much for a super day! Two main insights from my session – not to overthink what I need to give to help him be able to reach down! Oh, and how to take the sparkly ball down in movement!- Denise, Devizes

“THE POWER OF INTENTION – the intention must be “ I am here to help you and this is going to make you feel so much better and enable you to be fit and healthy into your old age”. With this intention ST is never boring to the horse”. Liz, Devizes

“Thank you for a fantastic workshop Elaine Coxon ST Instructor and Claire Francis and for both of you in supporting me to be able to be there and conquer my anxiety.  The theory really hit home for me as I am in my “comfort zone” when all is calm and quiet and I’m able to do my own thing. In contrast, Frankie is an adrenaline junkie who is always on high alert. I think this is why we are a good match, I give her the calm reassurance she needs and she gives me the push to get out of my comfort zone and learn something new!  We both definitely learned something new! We both definitely learned from the workshop and gained courage from it to step out of our comfort zones and meet somewhere in the middle.  I am so proud of myself and Frankie and feel this is the beginning of something great for both of us x”. Charlotte, Devizes

“I found you really cemented the learning by knowing when to stop and also allowing enough soak time and being aware of them still processing.  Also from my own session the difference in intention between you naughty pony just behave and this is not empowering behaviour so we will redirect and help you find peace in a good place. The intention is everything and I hope I can now continue that on in day to day dealings with my whole family, human, equine and canine lol ?”. Linsey, Aberdeen

“Fantastic day! with some really important things to take away: becoming more grounded, clarity of half halts, how to help a pushing hind become a carrying hind, correct amount of flexion & concavity, the list is endless! Thank you very much Elaine Coxon ST Instructor & I hope to see you again in the future & be able to show off our haunches in to the right”. Sophie,Yorkshire

“Thank you Elaine you have such a lovely calming warmth spirit that connects with both horse & human xx showing how powerful inner picture inner feeling can bring positive changes & a BIG reminder for MY breathing out & releasing too!!”  Jackie, Derybshire

“Cutting out the white noise and pruning everything back to the truth!!!” Yes yes YES!!! My word what a weekend. I arrived home very late after my flight was delayed and my little brain is still trying to keep up with what I learnt this weekend.Thank you Elaine for providing us with inspiration with all of the participants and their magnificent horses, time after time after time!!”. Joanna, Aberdeen

“WOW…so much growth this weekend I’ve still got growing pains!!…so many take-aways, ah ha moments and wonderful nuggets of Elaine’s wisdom shared. i will be processing the learning for a very long time to come. The big standout for me is the AUTHENTICITY theme that threaded it’s way through the whole weekend … being congruent in thoughts and feelings and deeds..the heart and the head need to be connected…only your true self needs to show up…our amazing horses want , need and deserve just that…for all of us that is our story now.” Julie, Aberdeen 

“So many things to think about but overall how to get my “Ms Economical” to become more energetic and proud in her movement! And it was so inspiring to see two complete ST beginner horses show such a difference in their way of moving after only one or two sessions! When you are on the ST path it is natural to concentrate on what is ahead of you but it is important to remember what lies behind and how far you have come!” Angela, Perth, Australia

“The biggest insight for me was the whole horse in mind while teaching…. body, mind, spirit and when it all comes together the result is perfect harmony and flowing as one… with tweaking the 2mm each session you come leaps and bounds also grounding yourself exercise was brilliant”. Kim, Victoria 

“The power of the Inner picture / Inner feeling and Intent, Seeing thing you can never un-see, The many parts the wonderful horse has and joining them together in an amazing dance, Feeling the changes and awareness from one day to the next, The warm bath of love that follows and surrounds Elaine, that she shares with us freely, Thank you for the wonderful opportunity, the wonderful journey, that ST is giving to us all”. Lynley, New Zealand

“Wow! What can I say the past 48 hours indulging with Elaine Coxon ST Instructor has been truely inspiring. I have Stretched, squeezed, squished and Salased! Reading back through my notes there have been so many ahhha’s and lightbulbs. Building that solid base bigger wider stronger to help you reach that Apex to come back down and use what you have learnt from the Apex to make your base even bigger even wider even stronger for the next Apex….how every exercise helps the next and the one before it is so fluid!
And Marley! What can I say my biggest take home is how for granted I have taken him! He has always been my “Jack of all trades Master of none” But my gosh he is his own Master of Try! Anything I asked of him his answer was Yes how much how far how high do you want??? The repeated compliments I received of our relationship is truly humbling and for this ST journey to allow me to give back to Marley all that he gives me is what drives me forward! Anne Weston thank you for your hard work organising everything and to the rest of my new ST family thank you for allowing me on your journey too. Thank you to Marijke de Jong for sharing ST with the world and allowing Elaine to travel halfway round the world to pass your knowledge on.My biggest thank you to Elaine for her passion, her integrity and her love that she continually gives to all. You are one of the most beautiful people I know Thank you for everything!!!” Cara, Adelaide

“Apart from the 4 lessons and brain explosion of learning… watching the other pupils with their horses making quantum leaps in such a short time was the biggest learning. I will never underestimate the value of being a spectator. Thank you Elaine”. Caithe, Canberra

“What an awesome 2 workshops with Elaine Coxon ST Instructor. Horsemanship has been my background but I’ve always been looking for something else that gives the horse the understanding that by using all of his body correctly he will not only feel better but will have longevity. I have created a partnership with my horse but now I want more for him hence ST. Elaine Coxon is not only so passionate and talented in ST she has a mannerism about her that makes everyone feel good and the exceptional way she has of conveying it to everyone is magical. She’s an exceptional instructor. Thank you Elaine and I’m looking forward to catching up again in S.A. The 4000km round trip with horse and 2 Shepherd dogs has been worth every bit and I would definitely do it again.” Pauline, Hunter Valley, Canberra AND Adelaide!!!

Because there were SO MANY great insights – and it was too hard for me to pick out one – I put names in a hat and pulled out a name and the

CONGRATULATIONS LINSEY – you have won a £30 VOUCHER that you can use at any of my Workshops/Private lessons in 2018!!!!






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