STudy Buddies……a great way to keep momentum

There is nothing quite like having a STudy Buddy to help you keep momentum on your journey.  You can learn together, laugh together…maybe even cry a little together!  But the thing is it keeps you GOING.  You may well develop a life-long friendship too.  How cool!
If you have someone you can get together with – with your horses – that is a great advantage, but maybe you live miles apart, maybe you live in a different county/state – maybe even a different continent!   But with today’s technology it really doesn’t matter.  You can email and message.  You can get together with a Skype call, you can even film a little bit of your training session and watch it together and discuss the finer points.
Wherever you are there will be someone else with the same puzzles to solve, the same ups and downs, wanting support and willing to give support back.
Do yourself a favour – get connected….find yourself a STudy Buddy and grow on your ST journies together.
A puzzle shared is a puzzle solved!!
To find yourself a ST Study Buddy go the ST Facebook group pages..either the country groups, or perhaps you have a gaited horse and would like to join up with someone from the gaited community – there is a ST Facebook page for that.  If you are a Home Study member check out the ST Members FB page – or in Mastery – they have a group too.

Im in Australia at the moment – and am really impressed how STudy Buddies have got together and even formed Study Groups.  Helping each other on their journies, not using excuses but finding solutions – building a community so that there are enough students to get a workshop together for visiting instructors.  As a team a LOT more is possible than as an individual.

So go find yourself a STudy Buddy – go get yourself a STudy group, build your ST community, change yourself, your horse, your expectations and through that be the ambassadors that will help change the horse world!!

Time to GROW!!!!!!


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