The Talent Code Challenge

A few weeks ago I put up on my Facebook page a book that I recommended to read – The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle – and I said I would be issuing a challenge around this book.

Well I hope you managed to read it and if you haven’t had a chance to do that yet I really hope you will schedule some time into your busy schedules to take a look.  Its just a little book, with a simple message, but through it you can start to have some extraordinary results.

So what is it about?  Its about tapping into a neurological mechanism in which certain patterns of targeted practise build skill.  Its a zone of accelerated learning.  This neural insulator is called myelin.  So, lets go wrap some myelin! Even though I am beyond the optimum age to mylinate! it still can be done.  Perhaps I have to practise even more effectively – but it is possible.

Coyle breaks down the magic formula into three parts.

*  Deep practise
*  Ignition
*  Master Coaching

Today we are going to look into the Deep Practise and it is going to be around this segment that I am going to set you a challenge!  The formula of Deep Practise goes like this:

*  See the Big Picture
*  Break down into the smallest chunks
*  Practise effectively – by slowing it down
*  Operate at the edge of your ability
*  Embrace the mistakes
*  Repeat it – whilst keeping in your ‘sweet spot’
*  Learn to feel it

So we are going to take a simple challenge and break it into small components.  THE CHALLENGE is about tool handling and keeping neatly coiled loops in your rein/line during Groundwork – even when you change direction.  I don’t know about you but I start off with the rein neatly coiled, and somehow during the course of running through a sequence, the loops become uncoiled and to be quite frank I can get into a right old tangle!   So I have been making a conscious effort to see what happens, when I start to lose the coils and what I need to be aware of to prevent that from happening.  I challenge you to do the same – and at the end of the next few weeks I hope you will all have better tool handling skills.  And to give you more opportunities to become excellent in this, practise without your horse, changing from one hand to another – slowly at first, breaking it down in these small chunks and then as you become more aware, more confident, put it together until you have this smooth flow.  Its going through the learning cycle from unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and eventually through to that final stage of unconscious competence.  So – get ready to wrap some myelin to take you to that glorious fourth stage.
Let me know how it goes.








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